The Little Garden Baby

I found the little garden baby by the lake, washed up, smelling of palm trees and lilacs. As I picked her up, she smiled with her eyes, not saying a word because her pacifier was wedged deep between those tiny jaws. This cute garden baby looks up as I called her name, she knows me as daddy.  I know her as baby. "I love you garden baby." I say it often, its easy to remember, and she knows my voice.

Hair like wool, not that hard coarse wool, the soft wool ... baby wool. But dare not touch, her hand drops like a railroad crossing.  Whats wrong garden baby? And with a glance, and a strong pull of the pacifier, she told you everything you did wrong. Sorry garden baby, you're just so cute, I thought to myself. Maybe I'll put you down and watch you walk - away. But not today, I love you so, Little Garden Baby.                                                                                                                        -- Samuel Cobb