What will your family session be like?

Family sessions are the best. To me, there like mini family reunions when in some situations, all were separated for a time and recently joined just to capture their special reunion. These separations could have been caused by siblings attending college, military service or out-of-state relocation. Whatever the case, coming together for a private family photo session is better; for all are smiling, cheerful and happy to finally be together.


As a photographer, I am privileged to witness the subtle gestures and signals from brothers to sister and husbands to wives. Sometimes these same signals strengthen those family bonds briefly forgotten due to their separation. In a way, its almost like witnessing brand new forming relationships. 

In the above photo, the Phem family was separated by their oldest sister moving to California. All displayed a strong family connection, but shared that getting their father to smile would be nearly impossible. I accepted the challenge and following the session, he was smiling and joking (telling the funnest stories).  All were surprised and enjoyed the day.

Mission accomplished.