Sports to Weddings - All In One Day

As a photographer it's good to specialize by having a signature look clients are accustomed to viewing. Not saying it's bad to not specialize, however, specialization creates an area or focus that clients can easily understand. I personally enjoy several different areas of photography, which makes specialization less interesting for I thoroughly enjoy both the craft and technological aspects associated with digital photography. Even though many areas interest me, sports photography is my least favorite.


Walking the field of Florida A&M's Bragg Stadium for years, made me realize that walking up and down that Gridiron while carrying all that gear wasn't much fun at the day's end. While I appreciate the knowledge I gained, to venture once again on to that Pigskin Dance Floor, makes me feel like I rather watch from the stands like normal folks.

Anyway, while Sport Photography is not my area of specialization, Wedding Photography has quickly galvanized itself as top tier among my photographic areas to concentrate. Rarely have I witnessed so many areas to focus on in one single day than with wedding photography. Of these areas, even more sub-categories exist under the same umbrella of wedding photography. To list a few, Product, Architectural, Action, Family, Children, Aerial, and Portraits.  


During a wedding you see the photographer running around taking pictures of all sorts of things; from that candid shot of babies dancing at the reception, to parents crying during the actual service. Yet, the idea of Wedding Photography is to capture those subtle details both the bride and groom many never see as they're engaged in the day's events. This is witnessed while each face the marriage officiate, not allowing both the bride or groom to see Uncle Willie crying as he remembers teaching the groom to ride that red bicycle so many years ago. Also, because separated, the groom will never see those candid moments of the bride's maids assisting his wife-to-be in the room adjacent to his own. 

The wedding itself is such a beautiful experience; I simply enjoy capturing those details, portrait shots and candid expressions of the guest in-order to relay a wedding story. Yes, anyone can take action shots during a game, but in my opinion, it takes a true visionary to really tell a wedding story. So please, keep that Pigskin Dance floor, I'd rather communicate the gambit of photography at weddings, "All In One Day."